People have a variety of learning styles and availability.  With that in mind, we wanted to point you toward a variety of resources.  The podcasts, events, library of recommended books, small group studies, and external digital resources in this section are all here because we believe they will help you take the appropriate next step as you seek to more fully integrate your faith and work.


We are constantly adding new content to our podcast library.  We gather people for conversations regarding their experiences of faith at work.  Each conversation is a combination of story and applications.  We hope listening in on these conversations will encourage and equip you to better integrate your faith at work.



Over the past few years we have hosted a variety of live events to learn more about integrating our faith and work.  We recorded each of those events believing that the content may come in handy at different points in your faith and work journey. Our next live event is going to be April 24, 2019.



There are thousands (if not millions) of resources regarding faith and work.  We’ve included a few of our favorites here.  Reading as an individual or small group often opens the door to new ideas and conversations.  We’re always open to adding new ones so don’t hesitate to send us your suggestions.


small group studies

We’ve collaborated with Eastview Small Groups to create some studies for Groups who want to be more intentional about integrating their faith at work.  These video-based studies are great for Small Groups who are looking for an introduction to Faith & Work or for those who are seeking practical ways to transform their workplaces.


external faith & work resources