Aaron, Ken, and Cassie talk about the value of doing a 360-degree inventory of relationships at work.  By looking in all directions, we’re able to better see the relational health of our work environment.

aaron traeger

Working in the medical field is highly relational.  In this feature, Aaron shares how relationships work across the board in his experience.  On a daily basis he interacts with patients, colleagues, and all sorts of staff.

the patient is the boss

Healthcare is a people-oriented, service industry.

We often glamorize doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals because we value the services they provide.  As much as we esteem them, very few of us are eager to see them!  It’s a strange field.  We need these professionals while simultaneously wishing we never saw them.

When a group of healthcare providers create a culture like the one Dr. Traeger is a part of, it’s truly inspiring.  This community of healthcare professionals are deeply invested in providing care to their patients.

When asked about relationships with his superiors, Aaron referred to his patients as “the boss.”  Most of us go into a doctor’s office because we value their expertise and need their care.  We depend on healthcare providers and place a high premium on their services.

So, when a community of professionals turn that upside down and treat us like we’re the boss, it’s refreshing.  When we see a team of people who find deep meaning in their work and enjoy working together, we take note.  When people treat us like we’re more than a runny nose, our souls are filled.

Dr. Traeger and the team of healthcare professionals around him are creating a unique culture of care.  The positivity and selflessness they exude treats more than mere symptoms of sickness.

They have the training, expertise, and knowledge we all value in this field.

They enjoy their profession.  They have a positive work environment.  They have harmony and unity within their team.  They have service mindset.

They actually think the patient, the person who needs them, is the boss.