Work is inherently relational.  Most of us start with how our coworkers affect us rather than starting with how we affect those around us.  Brad, Jennifer, and Jessica share how we can all have positive influence at work.

brad arnold

In this feature, Brad shares how being a relational leader is central to his calling.  People often see leaders for their position which is why Brad makes such an effort to connect with his staff on a personal level.

a leader who loves

When leaders talk about what they love, they typically talk about leading.  Leaders love to lead – it’s who they are and it becomes what they do.  Many of us have experienced a leader who loved to lead.  Few of us have experienced leaders who lead in love.

Brad is one of those rare leaders.

Brad’s leadership is anchored by his faith in Christ.  He is a man who walks in step with the Spirit and openly shares his faith at work.  The people who work for Brad know that Brad is a Christian.

And, get this, they love working with him!

There are two things that Brad does exceptionally well when it comes to leading people.  First, his words and actions are congruent.  Brad doesn’t just talk about loving his team members, he actually loves them.  His relational leadership style isn’t a fad methodology to create more innovation in his company, he is authentically investing in his workplace relationships.

Second, Brad owns the responsibility of setting the relational tone of his organization.  He isn’t asking anything of his employees that he doesn’t desire himself.  When Brad offers to pray for a team member, he is willing to accept prayer from a team member.  When Brad asks about someone’s family, he’s willing to share about his own family.  He longs to receive love that he extends.

When a leader loves the people that they lead, productivity and creativity flourish.  Organizations with cultures of love, trust, and empowerment outperform others in most areas.  

Brad is a leader who loves to lead, but more than that, he is a Christ-follower who leads in love.